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Enroll in our Data Science Course in Aurangabad to learn the principles of Data Science. Acquire experience working on projects with top-tier industry collaborators. Learn from professionals in live-interactive sessions with a Guaranteed job referral.

Have you contemplated a job in data science, but been hesitant because you feel you lack the necessary experience or training?

You can rely on Skillslash to lead you in the right direction. Skillslash is the premier data science institute in Aurangabad andza global leader in the e-learning industry thanks to its cutting-edge curriculum.

Our extensive curriculum covers a wide range of useful data science tools, including Python, R, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Tableau, and many others. So, we intend to provide our students with all they need to finish their data science training and secure positions with some of India’s most prestigious corporations and startups, especially the MAANG enterprises.

We provide an online option for people who would like to take our data scientist course in Aurangabad but are unable to leave their busy schedules at work or school to attend traditional classroom sessions. The rapid expansion of Skillslash, the extensive connections it has forged with leading artificial intelligence (AI) firms and startups, and the world-class education provided by pioneers in the field all contribute to its consistent placement toward the top of the list of the best data science courses in Aurangabad.

We have just released an online data science course in Aurangabad, targeted at busy professionals. Individuals with a year or more of corporate experience will be most suited to take advantage of this chance. Distance education allows students the flexibility to study at their own speed while still meeting their other obligations. We provide classes on both weekdays and weekends to accommodate working adults.

In light of this new information, we can confidently say that an applicant’s skill set is far more important to hiring managers than the amount of degrees they hold. When compared to a traditional three-year degree, this program’s value is far higher due to the fact that students get to learn from some of the best professors in the country, collaborate with some of the most well-known names in AI, tackle real-world problems, and gain important project experience.

Our data science course fees in Aurangabad is INR 1,49,999. (plus GST).

Here is a rundown of the most important things we went over during our data science training in Aurangabad.

  • Live Interactive Sessions: Unlike the traditional way of education, in which students merely watch videos without participating in a conversation or other forms of active learning, we offer live, interactive sessions to improve students’ interest in and retention of the information.
  • Video Assistance: There are more than 350 hours of recorded lectures available to students as a backup to the regularly scheduled live ones.
  • Real-world experience: Students can put their theoretical AI knowledge to practical use through internships with industry leaders. Young people learn to think independently and critically.
  • BYOC: Students and counselors work together in “Build Your Own Course” (BYOC) to design a curriculum that addresses each student’s unique needs and interests.
  • Job Security: Confidence that your financial commitment will pay off through a promise of continued work. Our 100% Job Guarantee program was established to assure that all of our alumni are placed in fulfilling careers upon graduation.

Why Skillslash?

Help beyond placement assistance: We teach students how to beef up their online profiles and resumes to raise their chances of getting hired. Students must also participate in mock interviews simulating real-world job settings.

Study from any place and at any time: The live lectures will be available to you for three years, and the on-demand videos will be available to you forever.

Opportunities to Obtain Lucrative Jobs: Taking classes taught by prominent figures in your field can help you learn from the best and give you an edge over other professionals.

Get the skills you need to succeed with our data science course in Aurangabad.

Information about our forthcoming data science course will be made available shortly.

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